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Learning and Training

Latest: Welcome to Learning and Training provided by www.dpm.me.uk  This section of the site is dedicated to providing information, resources, help and support for tuition, courses and other sessions I teach and I am involved in.

Please look below for information, resources, support and help to support the various tuition, courses and other sessions I teach.

Learning and Training

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The aim of this area of the site is to provide support, learning resources, e-learning and information related to the various teaching, tuition, courses and other sessions I teach and I am involved in.  It also provides areas in development related to Teaching and Education as well as an area for collaboration.

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Course / Session Information
  Information about the various courses and sessions I teach and I am involved in.  Including information and descriptions.  

Tutoring / Training / Teaching Service
  A variety of tuition, sessions and courses delivered for your needs.  

Helpful Resources
  Access a variety of resources related to the various courses / sessions I am involved in.  Includes online, downloadable, interactive resources and handouts, available on request via email.  

Other Information / Support
  Find out other information, support, announcements, session / lecture notes, activities and contact information.  

  Access the latest content, including interactive resources as well as materials and try them out!  

Useful Websites
  Access an extensive list of useful links to websites related to learning, education, skills, teaching and training.  

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