David Massey BA (Hons) PGCE MIfL QTLS
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Welcome to DPM.me.uk, which is the online home and website of David Massey.  This area of the site is my online CV and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), where you can find extensive details of my career to date, professional profile and contact details.  The aim of this area is to provide a vehicle for showcasing my work as well as comprehensive information in relation to my career and CPD.  This section of my website has been designed to feature an electronic online version of my CV, as well as providing a profile of my CPD.  This area was also developed as an extension of my CV, as well as for those who may be interested in finding out more about me.

Within this area, you are able to access the following:

A variety of CV choices are available, which include short or full version as well as a pictorial version (multimedia / picture timeline gallery), taken from a variety of work and career related activities / events.  There are also various active links within the CV, where you can click for more detailed information relating to that particular area - which provides a more interactive tool, than the traditional paper version CV.

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